Friday, September 26, 2008

When everything looks like its misspelled.

The problem with being the writer/letterer is that when you stare at your work for a certain amount of time, you start thinking that every word in the english language seems to be misspelled. I once spent 15 minutes looking at the world "real" and thinking I'd gone quite mad because it looked wrong somehow.


Well it's coming along rather nicely I think, if all goes well we might have our first chapter done by next month. Now the thing is the decision needs to be made, as to whether we release the entire story at once, or we do a chapter by chapter release, and honestly, we can't decide.

So now it's your call. I'm starting up a poll, let us know. Chapter by Chapter or all at once.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The hardest part about this whole process is how to use the space your given on a page. Ive tried many different approaches and the one that i've found that works time and time again is thumb-nailing. I know it seems pretty obvious if anyone has ever done this themselves but it really works. Then i realized how to work more efficiently although this picture might force you to think otherwise.

Meet the Kids

So i randomly decided to upload some photos from the old sketchbook.Heres the progress on the characters i've been working on. Charlie has yet to be worked on but you can see how the other three kids look. Heres how they look before they are inked and colored in.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Full Speed Ahead!

Alright so now i have broadband which allows me to do more than just check my mail. Now i can update this as the comic progresses, just as how i intended.
Anyhow, CTD is moving along smoothly and we are already 5-6 pages into the first chapter itself. and as a teaser heres how some of it looks...
Who is that?! and Why is she so alarmed!
Find out in Chapter One...
Comments Welcome btw...

Monday, September 1, 2008


So we're not going to be in the magazine due to factors that im not going to get started on because that could take a while. regardless, we went ahead and made ourselves a little booklet version of our comic which im really happy with, if anyone wants copies let us know, theyre pretty expensive as we're just printing A3 pages out at a student xerox and binding them, but it looks really good so far. we're paying 240 a comic so let us know if anyone actually wants one for themselves and well make you one.