Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Gabby

Gabby's one of the hardest characters for me to write for, with Simon being the easiest and Damien after that. Probably because Simon and Damien are based off Alex and myself, so it's easier for me to think up reactions and general plot schemes for them, while Gabbys always been a question mark for me, my initial plan was to model the personality of people I know, but that hasnt been working out too well, so I havent really gotten far with that.

As of now, she's a quiet little girl, who holds on to her childlike naivety long after Simon and Damien become far more mature than any kid their age normally would be, partially because she finds herself shielded from things by the two of them. She'll also end up being the glue that holds the group together. As for her role in the whole story, she is the character who is underestimated and overlooked, in more than one way, by both her friends and those chasing them. Anyone who does though, will be in for quite a surprise.