Thursday, October 2, 2008

Character Portrait Line Art

Its been a few days since i've drawn anything, mostly because every time i tried my characters turned out hideous. So i put the pencil down for a few days even though i really wanted to get back into the comic. I guess a little rest is good. Anyways i tried again and was able to reproduce my characters slightly larger than before. Before i'd been drawing the characters at about the size which i was gonna use them for the comic itself, making them larger required some extra effort. Out of the four i think Simon and Damien came out the best as they are the two characters who have more defining features to them. Gabby and Charlie are draw similarily which is pretty obvious. The reason they remain simple is because all i really wanted to do was to have characters who were easy to draw and reproduce so i can remain consistent. Its been a tough trying to develop a style which is comfortable but i think i've found something good here. Here are the scans of the Four characters including Charlie!!. Enjoy.