Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Imagine if you came face to face with this guy at a carnival...

Granted i think carnivals are pretty scary places in general...fucking carnies... but after being in a rut of some sorts i've actually taken a new approach at character design. Im drawing a character to fit a certain personality. This guys a new addition. I sketched him out using these crazy japanese pens i fell in love with. They draw like a medium between pencil and ink. and using Photoshop i added some quick gradient tones . Meet bobo, childhood fear # 2 and i intend to have the protagonists encounter this guy soon in the upcoming comic. Comments ?

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Sid said...

if i met him at a carnival i would do one of the following
a) pull out a katana and proceed to slice his head off
b) Pull out a SMG and double tap him in his head
c) throw finesse to the wind and just chuck a grenade at him and blow him up
d) if acquiring a weapon were not an option then i would run till i found a vehicle of some sort then run him over
e) if that didnt work, then use the classic cartoon tactic and drop a piano on his head