Saturday, March 21, 2009


My buddy Ryan John asked me an interesting question the other day as i was showing him some new artwork for the comic. We've critiqued each others work over the years. He said "Are you going to go back and Re-do any of your older pages." I thought for a moment then answered. "Probably not." I've learned a lot during this whole process and while many people might dismiss it all as a fruitless struggle, I've come to realize what this project really means to me. Its a catalog of progress. Its a time capsule or benchmark of skill. Im expecting that by the end of it all, whenever that may be, i'll look back at what i used to think was awesome and think that it looks like crap. But its not something i really want to change. I don't expect any profit from this project at all. I described it to Ryan as a Personal Ambition, one of those..."I've always wanted to do" things. And so as the pages roll out, i do not intend on changing a thing. If anyone reading this has seen the prelude we released about six months ago, they'll notice a great change in style in all aspects of the comic. I've utilized different techniques while Pencilling, Inking, and Coloring each page and probably will continue to incorporate more as i study other artists. Anyways, its 4:16 am on a Saturday night and i can't sleep at all. I think its time i try to go to bed. Here is a sketch out of the ol' sketch book. Enjoy!

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