Monday, April 20, 2009

Along this way Gabby meets the Dark...

As Chapter 1 comes to a close, i decided to take some pictures of the sketches i've done working up to this project. I've always liked how some artists did this in comic books (i tried out a classic Silvestri pose for the Dark here) and now heres my chance. These will be reproduced in better quality in the Chapter 1 Book due soon (in a month or so-fingers crossed). But for the few people who actually check this place out i figure it'd be kinda cool to show you the ideas i've had for the random characters. If there are any artists interested in any technical things like supplies and media lemme know. i've scoured the net and asked many people what they use to get the result they got in they're work and i know how tough it is to get an answer. I use a mixture of traditional media and digital work. All artwork is done the old fashioned way with pencil paper pens markers and lots and lots of paper. All coloring is done with Photoshop and Painter in some instances using a Wacom Intuos3 6x8 tablet. Its pretty sweet. Anyhow Enjoy!

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