Friday, June 12, 2009

The Art Of Inking....

I suck at this. but im hopefully getting better. Currently im really liking Jason Gorder's work as well as Scott Williams. But imitating them is proving harder than anything else. For all you out there who say inking is simply "tracing" and not an art, well your only 1/8th correct. Some pencillers have what are called super tight pencilling skills, where basically everything the artist wants is on the page, and nothing is left for the inker to interpret. In this case the inker simply traces. On the other hand the inker will add depth and weight to his works and something that pencils cannot afford. Also the inker cannot erase. so that blows bigtime. I've been trying to make my close up drawings a little more complicated because im working on A4 which is small for comic book pages but i really dont have the luxury or deskspace for 11x14 paper. this page in particular is something i really like. Im only showing a portion so as to not give too much away. And i've started posting videos of the sketch to ink and then to color process. That will gradually come over time.

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