Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Battery Powered Evil Peoples...

Random sketch of the day.... I was in OBGYN class today and i realize that i draw things based upon the mood im in, especially if im in a class i despise. Gynecology is by far the worst subject i've ever read. it makes me want to take a sharp object and poke my eye a few times. Anyhow i started doodling in class today and just ran with an idea. I remember seeing how a Boomer looks like when its dead and wanted to use it in a drawing.. (L4D btw). So this is what i got. The pen i used was also this little gem called the Pentel Slicci 0.25 mm. its cheap and ridiculously good. Im actually using it in the upcomming pages of the comic.(because after inking the pencil lines can be erased immediately leaving absolutely NO smears or ghost lines behind) also i might add that after erasing the underlying pencils, this ink in particular does not fade. (godforsaken Pigma Microns....grr...) now i know what my friend Nori was talkin about....ENJOY!!!

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